Objective: As per the guidelines of honorable Supreme Court, Govt of India /UGC, notification /AICTE, New Delhi /BPUT, Govt. of Odisha / DHE/DET, an “Anti-Raging Committee” has been constituted in this college in order to prevent and look after (if any) the raging cases/incidents by the senior students to junior students/ staffs to students/ friends circle etc.
Sl.No Members Status
1 Prof. Nihar Ranjan Hota  Convener
2 Prof. Deepak R. Satapathy  Co-Convener
3 Prof. Tapan Kumar Panda Member
4 Prof. Srujan Kumar Mishra Member
5 Prof. Puspita Acharya Member
6 Prof. Dipali Jena  Member
7 Prof. Rekhanjali Sahoo  Member
8 Prof. Bivaseet Pradhan  Member
9 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Pati Member
10 Mr. Dhaneswar Chhotray Member
11 Mr. Biswajit Sahoo Member
12 Mr. Kishore Ch. Barik Member
13 IIC, Sadar Police Station, Khordha  Member
14 Representative, Social Worker  Member
15 Local Correspondence representative  Member
16 Representative, Tahasildar, Jatni  Member
17 Local Correspondence representative  Member
18 Representative, Social Worker  Member
19 Parent Representative  Member
20 Student Representative  Member
21 Lawyer Member
Roles & Responsibilities:
1. The committee should advice and counsel the students not to indulge themselves in any kind of ragging activities which may spoil their career, character, academics & social life.
2. The committee shall ensure to solve the ragging matter inside the college campus /bus /canteen /library /hostels and at any other vulnerable points, if any, then and there.
3. The matter may be reported to the higher authority on receipt of the reply of show cause notice from the accused and the complaint letter from the affected student.
4. The committee should take the disciplinary / legal action against the accused student/person immediately after thorough investigation and their parents may be informed.