Objective: As per the provision of AICTE act 2012 (Establishment of mechanism for grievance redressal) a grievance redressal committee has been formed in EATM in order to sort out the grievances of students, staff and faculty and their redressal.
Sl.No Members Status
1 Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra OMBUDSMAN
2 Prof. Puspita Acharya (Convener)  Convener
3 Prof. Nihar Ranjan Hota (Co-Convener) Co-Convener
4 Prof. Snigdha Sarangi  Member
5 Prof. Arupananda Mohanty  Member
6 Prof. Sambit Patnaik  Member
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. The grievance and Redressal committee should look after all the complains, appeals and grievances apart from students/staff/faculty from time to time in order to solve their problems and provide them the legal justice.
2. The committee should be impartial, neat, clean and fair while exercising its power and takes decision in order to provide impartial judgements to the related victims.
3. To prevent the irregularity in the admission process if complains/ anomalies /discriminatory practises against students are visible.
4. To ensure and protect the denial quality of education as assured by the Institute.
5. To ensure and check non-transparent or unfair means/policies in the process of evaluation.
6. The committee shall be convened at least a meeting once in a month for monitoring the related activities if any.